The 7 Step Coaching Process


7 step coaching process

In just 3 days (or 18 hours of online training) you will learn an extraordinary 7-step coaching process that will allow you to get breakthroughs for yourself and others.

This process is NLP-based and creates positive change every time it is used. It is easy to learn and can be applied to life Coaching, Health Coaching, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, and Spiritual Coaching.

It’s important to note that many life coach institutes are only teaching a dumbed-down questioning process and calling it coaching. Unfortunately, people who are new to life coaching often don’t know the difference.

This process is different. It is a truly therapeutic set of steps that facilitate rapid, ecological, deep-level change.

The 7-Step Coaching Process Includes: 

  • Rapport
  • Outcome Clarification
  • Secondary gain – resolving subconscious conflicts
  • Leverage – increasing someone’s motivation to change
  • NLP Language Patterns – for accessing unconscious resources
  • Levels of Change – the ability to access resources on multiple levels
  • A method for pinpointing precisely where a person is stuck and why
  • State Management
  • Ecology – holistic change
  • Resource Generation
  • Future Pacing (locking in new patterns, beliefs, and resources so they are permanent and automatic)
  • Testing


7 step coaching process

In our 3-day training, you will learn and practice each step, one at a time. By day three, you will know all 7 steps and be doing complete coaching sessions for other people in the training.

This is the heart and soul of being an effective coach. It allows you to create breakthroughs for yourself and others, uncover liming patterns, and help create amazing results for your coaching clients.

This process is a ‘Reputation Maker’.