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The NLP & Coaching Institute

The NLP and Coaching Institute has been training and certifying life coaches for more than 22 years.  We specialize in offering a high quality coaching process and curriculum at the best price. Our trainings are offered at LIVE events and as ONLINE courses.

The cornerstone of our Certification Program is our 7-step therapeutic NLP based coaching process. It has changed thousands of lives.  Our LIVE trainings are offered in 17 major cities across the USA. 

We offer our students extensive follow up coaching and support including weekly online coaching and a comprehensive marketing course especially designed for coaches.  Many of our certified coaches go on to become successful life coaches, health coaches, spiritual coaches, business coaches, and executive coaches.



Alexander Van Buren

Alexander Van Buren has been a life coach, business, and executive coach for the past 25 years and has been teaching NLP and life coaching for the past 19 years. He has a passion for helping people achieve personal and professional quantum leaps.

Alexander is a certified Master Practitioner, trainer, and innovator of NLP. He has trained with Richard Bandler and many other well-known NLP trainers. His original change patterns and therapeutic interventions have been published in Anchor Point Magazine, The Source Book of Magic, and The Big Book of NLP along with other publications.

He is the founder of the NLP & Coaching Institute and the author of This OneThing and Mastering The Mental Game.

Alexander has been a featured presenter for the Stanford Executive Program Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

His coaching clients include the past general manager and senior executives of Pulte (Del Web), and the vice president of the Moretrench Corporation. He has also coached and trained senior executives of The Blue Green Corporation, the senior executives of Paramount Home Entertainment, the director of catering for the Marriott Grand Chateau, sports legend Steve Sax and many more.

He’s been a life coach for famous singers and celebrities including the concertmaster and lead violinist of the Las Vegas Philharmonic.

What Our Attendees Say 

“This was a truly amazing training. The coaching process Alexander teaches is so in-depth that cannot help but transform someone. I love that it is elegant and respectful, and yet powerful.

The communication and relationship piece was a real insight.  I feel like a different person; empowered to create real change because now I know how.

Thank you for the tools, the enthusiasm, and the know-how. Most of all, the feeling of confidence I know how to use them.”

Rebecca Haag

Life Coach Certification Dallas“The Life Coach Certification Training was far beyond what I expected! Alexander is the best “teacher” I have ever worked with.

He is completely knowledgeable and has the most inspiring aura. His broad experience has given him the tools and ability to allow us students to learn more in a shorter time than I thought was possible.

I feel ready to put this program into action and become a phenomenal life coach.”
Kathleen Filice

“I learned so much about how emotions can change a situation as well as how powerful language is.

I am leaving this training feeling empowered and can’t wait to empower others.”
Natalie Evans

“I feel so thankful that I decided to take this weekend course. I’m so hungry to keep learning more.

The tools we learned not only will help me become a life coach but also will help me be more effective in my current business and personal life.”
Erika Gallagher

“I learned change techniques that truly expanded my idea of what is possible when it comes to making change happen.

The language patterns and NLP insights were easy to do and quite profound in their effect.  A wonderful training I would do again.”

Karen McCasero

Life Coach Certification Dallas

“Alexander’s workshop of Life Coaching opened my eyes to a new and better set of skills.

This will improve my communication with my family and help me to build my business. It’s a fun and enjoyable three days. I highly recommend it.”
Cyntha Haigler

“By the end of the 3rd day of the life coach certification, I was a brand new person.

Finally, I have the resources I need to structure the best possible outcomes for myself and others.

I’m excited to begin my new journey with my new abilities.

Thank you Alexander!”
Ken Green


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