Our Life Coach Certification program is now in its 22nd year of success! It consists of THREE phases that all students must complete.



  • Learn our unique 7-step coaching process. This is what distinguishes our training from all the rest.
  • You can learn our 7-step coaching process:
    • At a live 3-day training – we now offer them in15 major US cities
    • Entirely online via audios, with online support, and a training manual
  • Two quizzes are included and an 80% score or better is required. They are both open-book



  • Do 12 coaching sessions with friends or colleagues using the coaching process you’ve learned
  • The 12 coaching sessions you do for others must be at least 1 week apart
  • You can even do them over the phone -> to practice phone coaching
  • This will give you an amazing amount of skill and confidence
  • After each session you do, you are required to fill out a short-form in our membership portal
  • Online support is included along with special bonuses on how to set up your business, get your first clients, and more
  • Once you’ve completed the two phases above, you will receive a diploma confirming that you are a Certified Life Coach. It is issued by the NLP & Coaching Institute.


Phase III: Bonuses

When you enroll in our LIVE certification training or our ONLINE certification, you will receive 3 BONUSES. Each bonus is a mini-course that is inside our membership website.

Phase III is optional and consists of you delving into these 3 courses in a way that suits you best.

They are:

  1. How To Set Up Your New Business
  2. How To Get Your First Few Clients
  3. Life Coach Success Tips – Working With Clients



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