The Course Curriculum

One of the BEST ways to recognize a high-quality life coach certification is to simply take a look at the curriculum being offered to you.

Our course curriculum is what separates us from all other Life Coach Certification training.

Our 3-day training will teach you a World-Class 7-step therapeutic coaching process that has changed thousands of people’s lives.
Alexander has honed this 7-step process for more than two decades.

Here is your 3-day course curriculum:


Coaching, Rapport & Outcomes

On day one you will learn:

  • The Complete 7 Step Coaching Process™
  • Advanced rapport techniques
  • NLP Technique: Using Presuppositions
  • State management for optimum coaching
  • Patterns for tracking unconscious blocks
  • The language that triggers resourcefulness
  • How to shift clients out of unpleasant emotions
  • The Outcome Frame for creating clarity and focus
  • Techniques for keeping a client resourceful
  • Shape goals so they’re more likely to be achieved
  • Exercises: Several exercises

Exercises: The Circle of Resourcefulness, Presuppositions, Outcomes


Ecology and Resources

This module will teach you ways to make all your coaching holistic and to help your clients gain access to resources on multiple levels.

On day two you will learn:

  • NLP Technique: The Ecology Process™ – for creating holistic change
  • The Leverage Frame™ – get others motivated to change and take action
  • Advanced questioning for eliciting resources
  • NLP Technique: Eliciting Resource States
  • NLP Technique: The New Action Generator
  • Questions for identifying the underlying issue
  • Accessing unconscious resources
  • How to recognize and eliminate ‘secondary gain’

Exercises: Several exercises, Coaching, Resource Generation
Demonstrations: Several


Generative Change That Lasts

This module of your life coach certification online will show you how to make your change work generative (evolving and improving into the future) so that the changes you help your clients make last permanently.

On day three you will learn:

  • NLP Technique: Future Pacing to make positive changes last
  • Patterns for generative change
  • The Levels of Change™ resources template
  • Handling problems and difficult issues
  • Practice complete coaching sessions with others
  1. How To Set Up Your New Business
  2. How to Get Your First Few Clients
  3. Success Tips – How To Work With Clients Effectively

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Exercises: Future pacing, Complete Coaching Sessions With Fellow Participants
Demonstrations: Several


You’ll Be a Highly Skilled & Certified Life Coach

After you have completed the curriculum above, you will receive online assistance and support as you do 12 coaching sessions for other people using what you’ve learned.

Once you’ve completed all 12 coaching sessions and passed both quizzes with an 80% score or better, you will be certified as a Life Coach. This will give you a tremendous amount of confidence in your new skills.