Welcome To My Blog!

I’m Alexander Van Buren, the founder of the NLP & Coaching Institute. I will be blogging from time to time on important issues related to life coaching and life coach certification, and the posts will appear on this page.

Alexander Van BurenI have been a professional life coach and business coach and trainer of coaches for more than 20 years.

I am a certified NLP Master Practitioner. You can read more about me and the NLP & Coaching Institute on our About Us page.

We offer both LIVE and ONLINE life coach certification training.

And if you’re a coach, or determined to be a good one, you may want to check out my VIP coaching program. It’s a weekly online coaching course that will help you stay in positive momentum as a coach, and give you insights you can’t get anywhere else.

This blog will be a good place to get insights and information about life coaching, and life coach certification.

I will be answering questions and writing about:

  • Life coaching
  • Life coach certification
  • Life coach training
  • Getting clients
  • Our trainings and coaching program
  • Other misc. topics in and around being a life coach.
  • How to become a highly-skilled coach
  • How to make more than 6 figures as a coach
  • Your questions

A lot of information about becoming a life coach is on our website in a series of audios. There is also a FREE mini-course, special report, and online workshop. They’re all packed with information that you should know if you’re considering being certified as a coach.

For now, welcome and I hope you enjoy the blog!